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"Thank you SO much for helping Tomba be as comfortable as he can be for a vet visit. It's such a comfort to know that Bob and I can say what Tomba's preferences are and trust that everyone will do their best to meet them. It's so much less stressful for all of us!" —Barbara, MA

How to apply the TTouch Body Wrap

Tellington Touch or TTouch is a form of massage, ground exercises and training methods that help animals relax and focus, connecting their physical actions with appropriate emotional responses. TTouch is used to release fear, tension, and improve self-confidence so that learning, activity, or socialization can proceed. The Body Wrap is a TTouch technique that uses moderate pressure to comfort the mind and body during periods of stress, travel, loud noises, hyperactivity, or injury.

Start by putting the wrap on your dog when he or she is in a relaxed state, either from a massage or after a meal, so your dog begins to associate the wrap with relaxation.

Place the middle of an elastic or "Ace" bandage across the dog's chest. Bring both ends up and cross them over the shoulders, like wrapping arms around someone in a hug. The wrap will "connect" all parts of the body: front, back, right, left, top, and bottom. The wrap needs to be snug, but check it periodically to be sure it doesn't interfere with movement or circulation. The illustrations here are for a Half-wrap, but some TTouch practitioners may use a Cross-wrap. Applying the TTouch Body Wrap
Applying the TTouch Body Wrap
Cross the bandage over the top of the shoulder blades; this is a point of balance
in 4-legged animals.
Applying the TTouch Body Wrap
Next, cross the loose ends of the bandage under the belly.
Applying the TTouch Body Wrap Tie the loose ends over the top of the lower back. There should be a uniform pressure around the entire bandage. As the hair compresses you may need to re-tie the wrap to have a good fit. The wrap pictured here is hand-decorated!

When finished, the figure-8 wrap surrounds the dog with comforting pressure. The wrap may only be needed for a few minutes or it can be left on as long as necessary to relieve fear, tension, or anxiety. Dogs with thunderstorm phobia may have a new confidence once the wrap is applied. Try it on more than one occasion if you are not satisfied at first. You may also treat with a Bach Flower Remedy for emotionally challenging situations. There are Flower Remedies for fear, shyness, grief and many other destabilizing emotions or behaviors.

The wrap is one part of a holistic approach to mind-body wellness. Special cases will need more input from a TTouch practitioner, behaviorist, trainer, veterinarian and others to find the underlying problem and develop a long term plan for rehabilitation.

Special thanks to Maisie (right) and her caretaker Stephanie Karabaic for showing us this useful TTouch method. Additions were made by our Certified Veterinary Technicians, Kerry Bramwell and Sue Priest.

Applying the TTouch Body Wrap


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